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Chisme Caliente: ¿'ZEN' la nueva arquitectura de AMD?
Y continuando con el rumor de RyZEN HEDT [High-End DeskTop], aqui un video que habla del asunto, y claro, todo este asunto comentado desde REDDIT


Zen HEDT CPU's are called Threadripper!
Each CPU will include 64 PCI-E Lanes!
It includes 4 CCX's.
Lower SKU(Probably 12/24) 140W TDP, Higher SKU (Probably 16/32) 180W TDP.
Socket will be an SP3 LGA
Platform's name will probably be X399
Chips will be B2 revisions.
32MB L3 Cache
ES's are 3.3 or 3.4GHz base and 3.7GHz Boost
It is aimed for Retail SKU to have 3.6GHz Base/4GHz Boost
ES's that are in the wild have 2500 CB R15.
Infinity Fabric can have a bandwidth up to 100GB/s
Announcement; COMPUTEX at Taiwan, sales will start after 2-3 weeks following COMPUTEX.

RyZEn R3

Desde la pagina de Asrock y el sitio aleman ComputerBase salen las primeras especificaciones de R3, el procesador RyZEN de 4 nucleos: Summit Ridge R3 1200 a 3.1GHz, con 2MB de cache y 65W de TDP.

AMD Ryzen 3 1200, first specifications

So far, AMD has not disclosed any specifications of its mainstream Ryzen 3 series.
AMD Ryzen 3 1200 with 3.1 GHz base clock

According to ASRock AMD is preparing Ryzen 3 CPU (YD1200BBM4KAE) with a base frequency of 3.1 GHz. This model is currently listed with TDP rated at 65W. AMD Ryzen 3 1200 is supported by ASRock’s AB350M-HDV motherboard.

What we don’t know is whether Ryzen 3 CPUs support SMT and XFR, or at least how far would the XFR range work.

AMD Ryzen 3 processors are expected to launch in the second half of 2017.
[Imagen: 2rknE.png]
Para tener el mejor desempeño de RyZEN no solamente hay que ver el UEFI y las memorias usadas, tambien hay que ver como Windows esta planeando el consumo de energia. Por ello y dadop que microsoft no esta sacando nada en su actualizaciones en este aspecto, es que AMD publica su porio plan de uso de energia por Windows para RyZEN y exprimirle mas rendimiento por watt.

Descarga de este archivo del nuevo perfil de uso de energia para windows.

[Imagen: pasted_Image_2.png]

Mas detalles en:

Balanced power plan optimized for AMD Ryzen processors

ey, Ryzen fans! Today we’re back with our third community update, once again focusing on several key topics you asked us to look at: power plans, game performance updates, and temperature monitoring software!

Balanced power plan optimized for AMD Ryzen processors

Throughout the launch of the AMD Ryzen processor, AMD has been clear that desktop PC customers should choose the “High Performance” power plan in Windows 10. The reason is clear: testing conducted by AMD, and independent reviewers, have concluded that the High Performance power plan offers appreciable performance benefits to our customers. But the out-of-the-box power plan for Windows 10 is “Balanced,” so the community challenged us to find a compromise. We took that challenge seriously, committed to finding a solution by the first week of April, and today we believe we have the answer.

A little background is needed

AMD Ryzen processors feature AMD SenseMI technology, a sophisticated package of sensing and adapting features that (amongst other capabilities) allow the underlying microarchitecture to rapidly execute fine adjustments to voltage and frequency for peak performance. These changes can occur as quickly as 1 millisecond on an AMD Ryzen CPU. However, this intended functionality depends on the integrated power management in Ryzen being in absolute control. After all, nothing knows the hardware better than the hardware itself!

Transitions between frequencies and voltages are governed by “P-States.” P-states are frequency/voltage combinations requested by the operating system. Processors receive these requests all the time, and act on them by selecting matching states built into the hardware.

Lanzamiento al mercadio de RyZEN 5

Algunas reviews

Comunicado de AMD:

Worldwide Release of AMD Ryzen 5 Desktop Processors for Gamers and Creators Marks Arrival of Market's Highest-Performance 6-Core Processor
Four AMD Ryzen 5 Processors with up to 87% more performance than Core i5 Bring Innovation and Efficiency to Millions More PC Users

SUNNYVALE, CA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/11/17 -- Following the global release of award-winning AMD Ryzen 7 desktop processors in March, AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today launched all four models of its new high-performance AMD Ryzen 5 desktop processor, introducing disruptive levels of compute performance at a variety of price points. AMD Ryzen 5 processors deliver immersive experiences and high performance innovation to gamers and creators worldwide, with up to 87% more performance when comparing the AMD Ryzen 5 1600X to the Intel flagship Core i5 model, the 7600K1. Featuring outstanding multitasking capabilities, AMD SenseMI Technology, and the powerful and efficient new "Zen" core architecture, AMD Ryzen 5 desktop processors adapt to individual needs with incredible responsiveness and performance.

"AMD Ryzen is a proven game-changer, ultimately bringing innovation and competition back across PC market segments, and we are excited to introduce the next tier of AMD Ryzen processors to the market today," said Jim Anderson, senior vice president and general manager, Computing and Graphics Group, AMD. "AMD Ryzen 5 revitalizes the mid-section of the desktop market, offering consumers excellent pricing while providing a smooth and impressive overall experience, whether for high-performance gaming or demanding applications."

Starting today there are two 6-core and two 4-core AMD Ryzen 5 models available, all featuring AMD simultaneous multithreading (SMT) technology. All AMD Ryzen processors support the new AM4 infrastructure, with motherboard designs already broadly available from top motherboard manufacturers.

[Imagen: 2rC9p.png]


AMD Ryzen 5 Processor and Platform Availability
Availability for all four AMD Ryzen 5 models begins today at etailers around the world. All AMD Ryzen processors support the new AM4 infrastructure, with motherboard designs being produced from top ODMs. Announced at CES 2017, AMD and its motherboard partners already debuted a wide array of new motherboards from ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, and MSI, all built upon the following desktop chipsets for AMD Ryzen processors -- the X370, B350 and the A320. With the release of AMD Ryzen 5 processors, AMD motherboard partners are also highlighting the A320 chipset-based motherboards, specifically addressing the needs of mainstream PC gaming customers looking for a feature-rich, robust and affordable platform for gaming PCs, priced ranging from approximately $50USD SEP.
Y hay quien dice: ¡YO QUIERO MI RYyZEN EN WINDOWS 7 y 8!

Debido a que Microsoft corto el soporte de RyZEN en sus sistemas Windows 7 y 8, algunas personas han puesto a trabajar en como recuperarlo y han sacado un parche.

Aqui el lugar de donde se puede descargar el parche que permite usar RyZEN en win7/8:

Research paper and patches for Windows updates KB4012218, KB4012219 and others (too long to list here)

After reading this article on gHacks, I was inspired to look into these new rollup updates that Microsoft released on March 16. Among other things included in these updates, the changelog mentions the following:

Enabled detection of processor generation and hardware support when PC tries to scan or download updates through Windows Update.

Which is essentially a giant middle finger to anyone who dare not "upgrade" to the steaming pile of garbage known as Windows 10.

There have even been people with Intel and AMD systems from 2015 who have allegedly been locked out of Windows Update because of these updates!

IsCPUSupported(void) is only ever called by IsDeviceServiceable(void), which is called by a few other functions. Luckily, there are a couple easy ways to kill this CPU check.

Patch wuaueng.dll and change dword_600002EE948 (see this line) which is at file offset 0x26C948, from 0x01 to 0x00. This makes IsDeviceServiceable(void) jump over its entire body and return 1 (supported CPU) immediately. This is my preferred method. Note: these offsets are only for the Windows 7 x64 version.

Patch wuaueng.dll and nop out all the instructions highlighted here in IsDeviceServiceable(void), this will enable the usage of the ForceUnsupportedCPU of type REG_DWORD under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Test\Scan (you will most likely have to create this registry key). Set this value to 0x00000001 to force unsupported CPUs, and back to 0x00000000 to change the behaviour back to default. You will probably need to restart your PC or restart the wuauserv service in order for changes to apply. This behaviour is an internal test feature used by Microsoft and could be removed in future updates, so I will not be providing xdelta files for it.

You have to apply a new patch whenever wuaueng.dll gets updated.
SFC scan errors will most likely occur as it will believe the integrity of the system has been compromised.


(16-03-2017, 08:39 PM)TRASTARO escribió: Y en una actualizacion de windows 7 y 8, ya no es posible usar windows update en equipos que tengan instalado eun procesador Bristol Ridge [APU GodaVari] o Summit Ridge [RyZEN R7] o un procesador Kaby Lake, y en el mismo windows aparece un mensaje de que es unp roblema y es mejor pasar a windows 10.


Microsoft Locks System Updates for Windows 7, 8.1 on Ryzen, Kaby Lake Systems
by Raevenlord

It would seem Microsoft is ever looking for more creative ways of pushing its Windows 10 operating system towards the masses. Some Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users have apparently encountered one of these: a lock on system updates. The error message, which reads "Your PC uses a processor that isn't supported on this version of Windows", points towards a hardware lock-in in exchange for added security and updates.

A Microsoft Support page sheds some light on this issue: that Windows 10 is the only Microsoft operating system to support particular hardware configurations. Namely, systems based on Intel's "seventh (7th)-generation processors or a later generation" (Kaby Lake); "AMD seventh (7th)-generation ("Bristol Ridge") processor or a later generation"; and "Qualcomm "8996" processor or a later generation". This move on Windows 7 might make some sense; however, Windows 8.1 is still in its lease of life (and Microsoft support) until at least 2018.
CONTROLADORES DE CHIPSET con Plan de Balance de Carga

Esto controladores incluyen el nuevo perfil para el manejo de energia por parte de windows. Este perfil para el paln de manejo de enetrgia en windows, es el que ya venia probando AMD hace semanas, asi que ya debe estar pulido y por ello lo publican como parte del paquete oficial y estable de controladores de chipset.

Descarga para windows de 32bit y 64bit.

AMD Chipset Drivers 17.10, 20-abril-2017
Supports Windows 10/8.1/7 (32 & 64-bit)

Package Includes:
AMD Chipset Drivers
AMD Ryzen Balanced Power Plan

En Rediit indican que los modulos RAM que mejor compatibilidad estan teniendo son los que posean chips de memoria SAMSUNG y que esten en Single Bank y han publicado una lista [que van actualizando] con marcas y modelos de memorias que los tienen, y si estan en Single Rank o en Dual Rank.

No me queda claro si es de la misma AMD esta iniciativa de la lista y pedir ayuda a la gente vaya dando sus datos de memorias que usan en su equipo con RyZEN, pero se ve bastante documentada. Pongo la introduccion y la lista esta abriendo el link.

Clearing up any Samsung B-Die confusion (e.g. on G.Skill Flare X 3200 MHz CL14)
by WiidesireAMD

To participate in the list all you have to do is download the portable program (no install necessary) Thaiphoon Burner and post a screenshot of your RAM here.
A list of missing RAM kits is at the end of the post.

I've seen a couple of people claim G.Skill Flare X 3200 MHz CL14 (F4-3200C14D-16GFX) has Hynix Memory based on a MSI QVL listing.

Well now MSI has corrected their QVL listing and correctly shows Single Sided & Samsung, see here.

In general on Ryzen you can expect up to 3200 MHz (without BCLK-OC) with Samsung B-Die, up to 2933 MHz (without BCLK-OC) with Samsung E-Die.

You can expect color subvariants (see legend below) of G.Skill RAM to have the same IC as the regular version. This is why color/RGB versions are listed as the standard version, e.g. GVR -> GVK / GTZKW -> GTZ, unless no "standard" version exists (e.g. F4-3000C16D-16GTZR).
Desde el foro de AMD explican como funciona el nuevo plan de manejo de energia que se instala con los controladores de chipset 17.10 del 20 de abril.

New AMD Ryzen chipset drivers now available
Posted by rhallock

Hi, everyone! Starting this week, AMD Ryzen customers can download a new version of the AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers (version 17.10).

This release is primarily intended to make good on our promise to include the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan in the chipset driver package. The 17.10 (or later) driver release will automatically install and activate the AMD Ryzen Balanced as a fourth power plan (shown below). This driver package is exclusively designed for systems with Windows 10 x64 and the AMD Ryzen CPU.

[Imagen: pasted_Image_1.png]

What does this power plan do?

The AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan allows your AMD Ryzen processor to more quickly raise clockspeeds. The plan also prevents your CPU cores from being "parked," an idle state that can negatively impact the performance of many (but not all) games. If you're interested in additional details, our original blog on the topic has lots more to offer.

In parallel, you should also pay a visit to LegitReviews' testing on the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan. Nathan Kirsch noted "6-7 percent performance gains when gaming at both 1080P and 1440P screen resolutions" in a couple games, plus lots of test results for you to pore over. Thanks, Nate!

AMD reduce en USD$30 al RyZEN 1800X

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Gets a Small Price Cut
by btarunr

AMD has given its flagship Ryzen processor, the Ryzen 7 1800X, a small price cut. The chip is now priced at USD $469 on leading online retailers in the US, down from its launch price of $499. This $30 cut, however, isn't spread over to AMD's other Ryzen 7 series parts. The Ryzen 7 1700X continues to go for $399, and the Ryzen 7 1700 (non-X) around $329. Prices of the Ryzen 5 series six-core and quad-core parts seem unaffected, too.

AMD's flagship processor, the Ryzen 7 1800X features eight cores, SMT enabling 16 logical CPUs for the software to deal with, 512 KB of L2 cache per core, and 16 MB of shared L3 cache. It is clocked at 3.60 GHz, with 4.00 GHz TurboCore frequency, and XFR (extended frequency range) unlocking higher automated overclocks depending on the effectiveness of your cooler. The socket AM4 chip is built on the 14 nm process, and has a 95W TDP rating.

Y ese recorte de precio se lo van a pasar por el arco del triunfo en mexico y seguira igual Balazo
[Imagen: AGTmIzX.gif]
(27-04-2017, 03:41 PM)TranceFreak escribió: Y ese recorte de precio se lo van a pasar por el arco del triunfo en mexico y seguira igual Balazo

¡¡Puercos, marranos, cerdos...!!
[Imagen: 2smKh.jpg]
En id software hablan de sacar su motor grafico optimizado para RyZEN

Eso en una entrvista al CEO de esta desarrolladora, la cual por cierto parece que cuando se presente su juego Quake Champions podria anunciarse las nuevas Radeon con GPU VEGA.

[Imagen: 2sowU.jpg]
Por cieerto, nueva review de esta semana sobre juegos y usando el nuevo perfil que AMD puso en sus ultimos controladors de chipset, donde ya la diferencia del R7 1700X es muy pequeña respecto al intel i7-7700K, aunque que tan fiable es la pagina, pues ya diran:

[Imagen: pasted_Image_1.png]

Intel Core i7-7700k versus AMD Ryzen 1700X 14 Game CPU Showdown
Posted by Steven Kean

[Imagen: 2speG.jpg]

[Imagen: 2speM.jpg]

Final Thoughts and Conclusions

In this article, we focused entirely on gaming using the new AMD Balanced power plan. Of the 14 games we tested, many of the tests the AMD Ryzen 1700X was able to hold it’s own against the Intel Core i7-7700K. There were times where the AMD Ryzen fell behind the Intel i7 by as much as 10%. However, the inverse is also true, sometimes the AMD Ryzen 1700X took the lead over the Intel i7.

On average there was between 1FPS and 5FPS difference between the two test systems across most of the games we took a look at. The one outlier was FarCry 4, where at 1080P where the Intel i7-7700k had a commanding lead with 24FPS! That’s a huge difference, just to verify that difference, we actually tested that game a few extra times. Likewise, in this round of testing, Grand Theft Auto V received nearly even results between the two test systems, again we tested this extra times. In both cases, the results were the same no matter how many times we tested it. If you run at 2560×1440 or higher, the difference between the two systems are negligable between the two systems.

The AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan looks to be a good optimization released by AMD. If AMD can keep up these types of improvements while working with game developers, then it’s very possible that AMD has made a successful return to the high-end processor market and will provide some good competition to Intel.

A couple of things to keep in mind when looking at either test system. The Intel Core i7 system is pretty stable as it has been around for a while and built on familiar architecture. The AMD Ryzen system is based on very new architecture and there are some things to overcome. AMD and Gigabyte are both working hard to resolve those issues quickly.

The next consideration is pricing. The Intel Core i7-7700K can be purchased for $339.99 with free shipping, while the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X costs a little more at $384.00 with free shipping. Pricing for motherboards will range in price, the two that we included here is the ASUS STRIX Z270G Gaming that runs $199.99 with free shipping, which is pretty close in price to the Gigabyte AX370-Gaming 5 motherboard found online for $195.99 with free shipping. Both use dual-channel DDR4 memory kits and the rest of the system build would be priced the same.

Legit Bottom Line: If gaming is the main reason you are looking at building a new system, the AMD Ryzen 7 1700X stands up to the Intel i7-7700K in nearly every game we tested. This shows that either processor will work great in a gaming system. The AMD Ryzen 7 1700X though, has the added bonus of the extra cores/threads allowing you to do more multitasking while gaming, especially when it comes to doing things that can take advantage of the extra cores and threads.

Video de AMD explicando la mejor manera de hacer OC a la memoria,la explicacion inicia mas o menos a los 3 minutos.
Lisa Su, CEO de AMD confirma que la familia RyZEN R3 es donde saldra el APU, primero para PC portatil a mediados de este 2017 y para fines de año para PC de escritorio.

Igual confirma la salida del sistema NAPLES, enfocado a servidores de area critica y data center.


Lisa T. Su - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Looking at our Computing and Graphics segment. We delivered our fourth straight quarter of double-digit percentage year-on-year revenue growth. Strong demand for Ryzen CPUs and improved GPU sales resulted in CG revenue increasing 29% from the year ago period.

CG revenue declined 1% sequentially, which was better than normal seasonality, as significant growth in desktop processor sales driven by the first month of Ryzen CPU sales largely offset seasonal declines in GPU and notebook APU sales.

Solid demand for our family of premium Ryzen 7 processors, including our flagship Ryzen 7 1800X offering, which is the industry's highest performance 8-core CPU drove our highest desktop processor revenue in more than two years. Ryzen CPUs have been consistently ranked among the top-selling processors at global etailers and retailers, and press reviews and end-user sentiments have highlighted the strong performance and value proposition.

In early April, we launched our enthusiast-class Ryzen 5 processors and received overwhelmingly positive reviews that demonstrate our multi-threaded leadership and unmatched value proposition. The Ryzen CPU partner ecosystem also continues to strengthen.

We have seated more than 300 software developers to support their work optimizing for Ryzen CPUs and have already seen double-digit performance gains across a number of top-tier gaming titles. Last week, the first Ryzen-based OEM gaming desktops were announced, and we continue the rapid rollout of Ryzen-powered systems with additional launches planned for major OEMs later this quarter.

Our focus in 2017 remains on launching our Naples server CPU with broad customer, partner and ecosystem support. Naples is the first step in our long-term plan to deliver a leadership data center product roadmap; complementing the success of our mainstream Polaris-based GPUs with our high-end Vega GPUs; extending our Zen core into the mainstream desktop and premium notebook markets with the launches of our Ryzen 3 CPUs and Ryzen mobile APUs in the second half of the year; and expanding our participation in the fast-growing market for GPU compute with the launch of Radeon Instinct Accelerators mid-year.

2017 is an important year for AMD, and we are well-positioned for solid revenue growth and margin expansion based on bringing performance, choice and innovation to an expanding set of markets. I look forward to discussing more about our long-term strategy at our Financial Analyst Day later this month.

Devinder Kumar - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
I think margins, as Lisa said earlier, year on year we are pretty pleased with the progress, 2 percentage points up. Q2 is a mix of the business, and then as we get through the end of – to the second of the year, we'd see with the full impact of, not just the Ryzen product, but also launching the Naples product that's coming up at the tail end of Q2 and then again the second half of 2017.

Hans C. Mosesmann - Rosenblatt Securities, Inc.
Thank you. Hey, Lisa, can you give us a sense of the introduction of Naples into the second half and next year? Is that going to reflect or be similar to what you're doing with Ryzen 7 and then 5 and then 3? And I have a follow-up.

Lisa T. Su - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Sure. So, look, we're really pleased with where we are with the Naples program right now. Overall, from a performance standpoint, the product and the customer engagements is going as we would expect. We will launch here in the second quarter. So we'll start some low volume of revenue shipments during the second quarter that will ramp gradually into the second half of the year.

And so, overall, I think, that is how the server outlook will be. I think I have said before and I would still say that the server market has a longer design win to revenue conversion cycle. And so we would expect it to take a couple of quarters for us to ramp the Naples product over time. But you should see a number of customers announcing what AMD platforms over the next couple of quarters.

Hans C. Mosesmann - Rosenblatt Securities, Inc.
Great. And then, as a follow-up on the server side, what's the strategy in terms of positioning of the product? I think traditionally, in most cases, it's been more like a me-too product at the low end of the market. What's the strategy here if you can share that with us? Thanks.

Lisa T. Su - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
So we believe we're highly differentiated with Naples in the sense that we have more cores. We have more memory bandwidth. We have more I/O than our competition. So for certain workloads, I think, Naples is going to do very, very well, certainly, in the cloud as well as in certain HPC workloads and big data workloads that can use all of that memory and I/O bandwidth.

We will be talking more about the positioning of Naples and the key workloads, as we go through the next couple of months prior to launch. But, certainly, we feel that it's, again, like Ryzen, on the strength of the Zen core, we have a very, very strong foundational product. And now it's about making sure that we help our customers get to market.

Dese el viernes esta la nota de nuevo codigo para el AGESA desde la pagina de gigabyte, con lo que anuncian que esperen pronto nuevas versiones del UEFI, y lo mismo opodra esperarse en las demas marcas.

AM4 ***BETA*** BIOS Thread
by matt-gigabyte

Hi guys,

Wish I could drop in and give you guys a new BIOS but I don't have them yet Triste Latest word is they are working on a new set with AGESA 1006... I am pushing as hard as I can to get you guys something new to test as soon as its ready. Just wanted to say that we are working on it (I know that phrase gets old - trust me I am a user/gamer/enthusiast too) but me going to Dreamhack (for work not as a participant) doesn't stop the BIOS team or engineers from working on the code ;-)

Just to recap these are the issue being worked on:

*For those looking for IOMMU fixes we are hopefully going to have an option to force boot off a specific PCIe slot. Its not the grouping fix, but a work around for now.
*Disable LAN (Per request)
Disable Audio (Per request)
"ROM Image update" (Being worked on with AMI, no ETA)
Cold boot / Wont boot. Have to re-flash BIOS. (people have referred to this as "soft brick")
*AGESA 1006 - improve memory (Got high hopes for this one. Going to enable 20+ memory register)

(Edit) P-State overclocking / downclocking while overclocked.

* Should be included in next round of BETA BIOS - but no promises, just the latest I heard from our BIOS guys.

Mas informacion en

RyZEN THREADRIPPER, por fin la plataforma NAPLES con el RyZEN 9 HEDT [High-End DeskTop]

[Imagen: 2tahg.jpg]

Pues bueno, por fin AMD lanza el producto a cuyo nombre ya habia registrado como marca hace meses. Esta noticia la hace publica AMD durante su reporte anual financiero y anuncian RyZEN R9 o RyZEN THREADRIPPER.

by Hilbert Hagedoorn

Originally SP3r2 4094-pin socket was developed for the AMD Naples series processor, but AMD did a 180 and is introducing it also as high-end desktop platform series processors and chipsets. Whitehaven will bring quad-channel towards the processor series and the most high-end process would get a 155W TDP, 125W for the 10 core parts.

TRASTARO escribió:Asi mismo, AMD esta registrando otros nombres como marcas, entre ellos el de THREADRIPPER, el cual por el mismo nombre hace pensar que se refiera a lo que era el Hyper-Threading, es decir, las tareas multi-hilo.


Los otros nombres que esta registrando son: VARA, JORO, JITSU y GROCK


TRASTARO escribió:Y continuando con el rumor de RyZEN HEDT [High-End DeskTop], aqui un video que habla del asunto, y claro, todo este asunto comentado desde REDDIT



Zen HEDT CPU's are called Threadripper!
Each CPU will include 64 PCI-E Lanes!
It includes 4 CCX's.
Lower SKU(Probably 12/24) 140W TDP, Higher SKU (Probably 16/32) 180W TDP.
Socket will be an SP3 LGA
Platform's name will probably be X399
Chips will be B2 revisions.
32MB L3 Cache
ES's are 3.3 or 3.4GHz base and 3.7GHz Boost
It is aimed for Retail SKU to have 3.6GHz Base/4GHz Boost
ES's that are in the wild have 2500 CB R15.
Infinity Fabric can have a bandwidth up to 100GB/s
Announcement; COMPUTEX at Taiwan, sales will start after 2-3 weeks following COMPUTEX.

Asi que sale esta nueva plataforma que es para servidores, centros de simulaciones, etc., vamos que para un mercado profesional y mas cientifico. Teniendo 4 modulos CCX [16 nucleos, 32 hilos] y un controlador de memoria de 8 canales, vamos, lo que ya sabemos desde hace meses. Solo es la confirmacion y alguna fecha de salida al mercado empresarial y cientifico.

Tambien por ahi anuncian un RyZEN PRO, que seria una mejora en cuestion de precision y seguridad al actual RyZEN R7, sin ningun cambio en le rendimiento y operacion.

[Imagen: index_php_ct_news_action_file_id_20642.jpg]


Entrevista de Forbes con gente de AMD y hablan sobre las optimizaciones al software [sobre todo en juegos] y la actualizacion del codigo AGESA [que por cierto aun sin fecha de salida del codigo nuevo] para mejorar la compatibilidad de los modulos de memoria a mas de 2400MHz.



An Interview With AMD: The Latest On Ryzen Memory Support, Game Performance And Ryzen 3's Launch
by Antony Leathe

I caught up with James Prior - product manager for Ryzen and also Robert Hallock - AMD's head of global technical marketing, to look at what we can expect in terms of updates for Ryzen in the future, in particular regarding memory support, what progress has already been made in this and other areas, when we can expect Ryzen 3 and what we can look forward to with Ryzen-compatible mini-ITX motherboards.

Games and application optimization

AMD has clearly been working on improving Ryzen since launch. Where can enthusiasts see the optimizations made since Ryzen’s launch and do you have anything significant planned for the future?


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